What Makes A Cracker A Cracker (from Armageddon)

I’m pretty sure this monologue was stolen from Seinfeld.

Also, I saw this movie as a kid and have probably thought about this scene once a week for the past ten years. And for five of those years this was what I thought sex was.

Even I can’t get behind this.

Even I can’t get behind this.


The Dolphins - Fred Neil

"It’s about a wise guy with a big mouth, and bigger dreams."

Cleaver (aka Pork Store Killer): The Godfather Part II Meets Saw.

I’d see it.



When people ask me how I’m doing, I just refer them to the part in Temple of Doom where Indiana Jones drinks that evil blood and writhes around for a while.

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Can’t Do Without You - Caribou

Stop Whining About Zach Braff


I will start with this: I don’t know Zach Braff, and I have no idea if he’s a nice guy or a heel. I saw Garden State and wasn’t nuts about it, and I’m not a huge Scrubs fan. I’m also jealous of his New York apartment which I once saw in maybe the New York Times? It was beautiful. So basically…

Couldn’t agree more with this. I fall under the category of someone who thought Garden State was the most amazing thing when i saw it in seventh grade, and now pretend like it’s trash because I’m embarrassed by it. But the truth is, that movie was important. Maybe this new one will be important to thirteen-year-olds too, and show them that feeling feelings is okay. And that the Shins exist. So, let’s all back off Zach Braff, at least to honor our angsty-teen selves.


Ben Khan, Drive Pt. 1

Hello, craziest thing I’ve ever heard.